Capstone (Casting Agency)

The Casting Agency Project employs Auth0 roles (Casting Assistant, Casting Director, Executive Producer) and API permissions to optimize movie production workflows, enabling tasks such as viewing, adding, updating, and deleting actors and movies, showcasing a versatile set of web development skills.

Built With: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Auth0, SQLAlchemy & Python

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Blog Website (Ruby On Rails)

The blog website is built with Ruby on Rails and supports two user types: normal users and admin users. Normal users can sign up, add articles, edit their own articles & profile, and view all categories & Articles. Admin users have additional privileges, including adding new categories, editing existing categories, editing other users' articles, and deleting articles from other users.

Built With: HTML, CSS, SQL, Bootstrap & Ruby On Rails

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SaaS Project Management App (Ruby On Rails)

The SaaS Project Management App, constructed with Ruby on Rails & Bootstrap, adopts a multi-tenancy framework, accommodating two distinct user roles: Admin and Editor. Admins wield extensive control, including project creation, task management, user invitation/removal, and overall project oversight. Editors, in contrast, enjoy restricted access, limited to viewing and managing their tasks without the ability to edit artifacts.

Built With: HTML, CSS, SQL, Multi-tenancy & Ruby On Rails

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Finance Tracker App (Ruby On Rails)

The Finance Tracker App, developed on Ruby on Rails & Bootstrap, enables users to efficiently manage their investment portfolios. Users can search for, add, and remove stocks, all while accessing real-time data sourced from an API. Furthermore, the app facilitates social engagement by allowing users to search for and follow other users/friends, granting them access to view their portfolios and stay informed about their investment activities.

Built With: HTML, CSS, SQL & Ruby On Rails

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Fyyur: Connecting Musicians and Venues

Fyyur is a music venue and artist booking platform with defined views and controllers. The project focuses on connecting artists and venues through a PostgreSQL-backed API, enabling functionalities like creating, searching, and learning about venues, artists, and shows for enhanced music discovery and bookings.

Built With: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQLAlchemy & Python

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Trivia is a web page designed for playing games based on different subjects. It reveals answers, displays results after user responses, and showcases correct answers. The platform provides an interactive and engaging experience for users participating in subject-based trivia games

Built With: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, SQLAlchemy & Python

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Coffee shop menu

This is for a digitally enabled cafe and needs assistance in setting up a full-stack drink menu application. The platform should display ingredient ratios through graphics, enable public users to view drink details, allow baristas to access recipes, and empower managers to create and edit drinks.

Built With: HTML, CSS, TypeScript, Auth0, SQLAlchemy & Python

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Todo With List

The Todo app efficiently organizes tasks by creating distinct lists, each containing its respective todos. Users can manage and prioritize their activities, ensuring a streamlined and organized approach to task management.

Built With: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQLAlchemy & Python

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Friends List (Contacts)

This web app facilitates the creation of a friends/contact list with Name, email, Twitter handle, and mobile number details. It includes a secure login system, offering users a convenient way to manage and connect with their contacts.

Built With: HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Ruby

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Photo App (Ruby On Rails)

The Photo App, made with Ruby on Rails, lets you create an account. You pay based on your account type, then you can add photos and manage them. You can view, edit, and delete your photos. We use Stripe for payments and Devise for authentication.

Built With: HTML, CSS, SQL, Bootstrap & Ruby On Rails

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Rails Chat (Ruby On Rails)

The Rails Chat is built with Ruby on Rails. The Real-Time Messaging App employs Action Cable and Web Sockets for instant communication. Users can join multiple chatrooms, send messages, and see updates in real-time without page refreshes. It features a user-friendly interface powered by Semantic-UI.

Built With: HTML, CSS, SQL, Action Cable & Ruby On Rails

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